The installation of music can change the audience’s perception
(Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director, SF Symphony)

The Music Factory was borne of Zimbalista’s reverence to Arab and Jewish children with great musical talents from the more geographically isolated towns and cities of Israel. Zimbalista is dedicated to supporting their education and ensuring the development of future opportunities. This is a long-standing empowerment project, in which Zimbalista has been inviting outstanding pupils to perform alongside him on national symphonic stages.

Zimbalista’s Music Factory is supported by the Recanati Family Foundation and Israel’s Ministry of Culture. The summer festivals that have taken place so far, are part of a continuous venture. Between 2016-2019, Mr.Steph Wertheimer had welcomed Zimbalista’s Music Factory to the grounds of the Open Museums at the Western Galilee and the Negev. This is with dear thanks to the then CEO and Curator, Ruthi Ofek.
Since 2021, our factory performs in the courtyard of The Church of Saint John the Baptist in Ein Karem, by Courtesy of “Custodia Terrae Sanctae”.

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Chen Zimbalista

A renowned Conductor and Percussion soloist who has performed worldwide.
Zimbalista acts as a guest conductor with leading orchestras in Israel; including the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Lezion and the Beer-Sheva Sinfonietta.

photographer: Alexander Hanin

The Team

Founder and Musical Director – Chen Zimbalista
CEO – Daniella Bella CandleShine
Chairman – David Boaz
CPA – Haim Wurmbrand

Members of the association – Michal Bodnik, Amir Lebkowicz, Sami Dahan
Audit Committee – Rachel Rosenhaus Bar-On and Nadia Kutcher
Board member and authorized signatory – Uri Zvi Shachak and Chen Zimbalista

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