August 2018 – Tefen Music Festival

August 2018 – Tefen Music Festival

A beautiful coming together for a celebration of music from a plethora of styles. This year we were excited to host Uri Gottlieb and Taissir Elias. The festival was sponsored by the Recanati Family Foundation, the Industrial Parks Open Museums and the Treasures of the Galilee Association


Mendelssohn – Op. 20 String Octet in E flat major; Mozart – Divertimento & Symphony No. 29; Vivaldi – The Four Seasons & Concerto for Two Violins in B minor; Prokofiev – Peter and the Wolf; Taissir Elias – Mabrouk


Amir Bar-Akiva (drums); Dror Bar-Israel (Saxophone and clarinet); Micha Bar-Meir (percussion); Maayan Bayder-Yaakobson (bass); Tanya Beltser (violin); Michal Eisen (vocals and keyboards); Elias Elias (violin); Yoav Feinberg (Flute and jazz musical director); Guy Figer (Violin); Hagit Glazer (cello); Tali Goldberg (violin); Gal Gutman (french horn); Linda Henderson (USA/piano); Omri Kochavi (percussion); Yair Levinson(bass); Nir Marom (clarinet and conductor); Anat Moshkovsky (vocals); Harvey Price (USA/percussion); Daniel Ratosh (viola); Brielle Scott with steel drums from Trinidad and Tobago; Adiel Schmitt (cello); Menachem Walt (bass); Bambi Zucker (oboe);

Special guests:

Taissir Elias led a performance on Oud of his own composition, Uri Gottlieb as an actor and coordinator and Roi Shiloach with his violin

The diverse festival program included:

Peter and the Wolf, The real story with Uri Gottlieb
“Karov” – The Zimbalista Trio hosts artist Dina Recanati
Mendelssohn’s famous eight
East-West Classical – Symphonic concert with Taissir Elias
Jazz concert with Yoav Feinberg and friends – Brazilian and Latin songs

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