Contributing to the Community

Contributing to the Community

Following a number of musical performances and workshops for displaced residents, held in shelters and protected areas in the Ramat HaNegev, Upper Galilee, and Eilat, we realized that there is a significant need for social action in these communities and hotels, particularly for those who have been displaced from their usual routines. These various gatherings will help to restore creativity, the desire to act, and boost morale.

Therefore, we propose a unique musical project. The Music Factory, along with the different communities, seeks to embark on a project where the community itself becomes an active part in creating and performing the event. We want to reach communities where the need exists, discover the talents and abilities of the community, and together create artistic activities that can engage a significant portion of the community. Our goal is to involve the community in the artistic performance, such as playing instruments, dancing, singing, creating the scenery, designing the stage and event poster, building recording systems from recycled materials, and more. The project is suitable for all members of the community in the village, young and old, and lasts approximately three weeks.

“People smiled and said that this is the first time since the beginning of the war that they put down their phones and news for an entire hour.”

We would love to hear from you, The Music Factory Team.

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